Paxiom Automated Packaging Solutions


GMP compliant construction

Designed for powders, chemicals, granules, coffee and dusty products, the servo-driven Star Auger™ offers high speed and precision.

Engineered for high speed applications and tight accuracy requirements, the PrimoCombi ® is the most advanced weigh filler on the market today both in mechanics and software design.

Open frame design

PC based controls

Eliminate hand labor by automatically filling multiple product fill zones. The Depositor™ is often integrated with automatic thermoforming machinery and tray indexing conveyors.

Security Setting

Import / Export Data

Embedded Training Videos

Production Reporting

Convey, fill and cap with our integrated liquid filling systems. Our liquid filling solutions are designed for a wide range of container formats and sizes including standard caps, eye droppers, tinctures and more. LIQUIDFILLER

Automatically weigh and fill a wide range of products with our vibratory and conveyorized net weighing machines.

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W E I G H I N G & D I S P E N S I N G


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