Paxiom Automated Packaging Solutions


Our cap induction sealing machine provides tamper evidence while preserving the freshness and prolonging the shelf life of your products. This compact, user-friendly machine is designed to heat and seal both plastic and glass bottles and can accommodate a variety of container shapes and sizes. Induction Sealer

Load bulk plastic containers and have them automatically unscrambled and presented single file to your downstream packaging process. Bottle Unscrambler


We offer a full suite of automatic labeling solutions for containers, cartons, bags and boxes.




Carton & Case

WeightCheQ Automatically check weigh bags, packages, bottles, cartons and cases with this industry- leading line of check weighing machines. Easily integrate our check weighers into your existing automatic bagging, container filling, flow wrapping and case filling systems.

Automatically cap and torque with our family of stainless steel rotary chuck style cappers for medium and high speed applications. Rotary Chuck Capper



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