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Case Erecting / Tray Forming / Case Packing / Palletizing System

All-In-One Case Erector / Loader / Sealer

Z.Zag Robotic Palletizer

PKR Gantry Robot Top Load Pick & Place Cell

Our client needed to dramatically decrease labor costs with an end-of-line solution that would work with their existing primary packaging system. Engineered specifically to pack their product, this highly customized system was conceived, designed and built in an astonishing 20 weeks. The configuration of this system centered around their unique bottle shape, existing tray and case dimensions and required daily production goal. Because of its modular design, the client has the flexibility to add other stations in the future such as automated product loading and case labeling.

EZ Glue Case Sealer

Dual PopLok Tray Formers




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