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Supplied as fully-integrated, turnkey line solutions, the EndFlex packaging machines have proven to be “highly reliable pieces of equipment that immediately adjust themselves to the specific product counts and quantities that we are processing at any one time,” notes Tarnowsky. “We are very happy with the EndFlex equipment’s performance.” Emil Tarnowsky Vice President of Operations, Jempak because we’re located in a pretty remote part of the country, where you don’t want things going wrong if you can avoid it. Eventually i came to the conclusion that the Paxiom system was what i was looking for, and the fact that it all came from one source made it all the more appealing." Mike Abeyt Product Development, Ute Mountain Tribe Farm & Ranch "As i went to trade shows and conducted other forms of research, i was looking for simple, solid, reliable equipment that wouldn’t be excessively expensive. The simplicity factor was especially important “We estimate that we have saved the time spent on making boxes by about 60 percent for our control arm products,” Savard relates. “When you consider that we sell about 280,000 of those particular parts per year, those time-savings have a significant positive impact on our productivity and efficiency.” Anne Savard Warehouse Director, Dorman Products, Inc.

"After the machine arrived in January, WeighPack sent in a technician, at their cost, who spent a full week here taking us through the installation and startup, and he did not leave until it was totally synchronized with our process. i really have to give WeighPack big kudos for their excellent service and attention to detail." Luis Javier Rendon Vice President of Operations, Redlands Foods “WeighPack has been very good with their service. Their phone support has been great. For a company like ours, constantly growing, they are on the phone with us for any issue we have, walking us through things step-by-step. And, should it be required, they will also come out and see us to resolve any issue we might have.” Jason Brass President & Owner, Terra Cotta Food Ltd. “These machines enable us to do several things: improve product quality, improve throughput and reduce our manufacturing costs. Today, in order to remain competitive, automation is not optional.” Anbari says Sundial Growers chose to go with Paxiom “due to its vast experience in the CPG (consumer packaged goods) industry and in the fast-growing cannabis industry.” Reda Anbari VP of Operations, Sundial Growers

The Aurora plant’s production manager Sonya Formanek is very pleased with the machine’s performance, singling out its user-friendly operation, hygienic open-access design for quick cleaning and maintenance, quick changeover capabilities and, to date, virtually flawless performance. “i have been very impressed with the Sleek 50 Wrapper machine so far,” Formanek states, saying the new flow wrapper currently produces about 54 single-serve packs per minute on average. Sonya Formanek Production Manager, Cookie It Up! According to Jonathan, the Swifty Bagger 3600 has been an asset to Schep’s Bakery, thanks to its flexible, user-friendly interface. “We are able to do bags with naked product,” Jonathan explains. “But we also have the ability to do bags filled with individually wrapped waffles.” Noting that the Swifty Bagger 3600 helped Schep’s Bakery to expand its overall product line, Jonathan feels that the machine has not only been a benefit for Schep’s Bakery, but also for their customers. “it’s a great machine that has all of the capabilities we need,” Jonathan adds. Jonathan Schep Plant Manager, Schep’s Bakeries Ltd.

“Prior to purchasing the Top Load modular Cell Systems, our team hand-packed each clam shell individually into the box, which was a pretty labor- and time-intensive process. This system has proved far more efficient and productive for our operation,” says Neufeld, praising its exceptional weighing accuracy and speedy throughput of about 60 packs per minute. “We actually ended up buying two systems from them—one for the Leamington operation and one for the Delta plant.” Cornelius Neufeld Operations Manager, NatureFresh Farms “it really is the rolls royce of all the pre-roll machines out there,” says Duguid, adding the Juanaroll machine has worked flawlessly at the 314 Pure plant since coming online this past January, producing tens of thousands of uniform half-gram pre-rolled cones with virtually negligible deviations in target weight. “it has enabled us to reassign 20 people to other more productive tasks at the plant.” Clayton Duguid President & CEO, 314 Pure Cannabis






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